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Hot encounter with a Nyotaimori

She’s licking at my clit as she moves the vibrator in and out of me. My husband seems enchanted by the feeling that he is embedded in a pussy he has never before fucked. He drives his cock hard and deep into the model. The sounds of her soft butt flesh hitting his thighs with each thrust is a major turn on.

two naked women making out

Every day is a struggle. The work, the children, the need to get so much done all within a span of 24 hours. I have bills to pay, feed the kids, do the cleaning, there’s literally never time for Clive and myself. Clive comes home too tired. He is always tired and that has brought quite a mood on me today. I feel crabby because we’ve postponed our date night endless times and yester night I was so horny and he was so tired! Well, apart from feeling crabby, I feel like I have to cum. I do!

I came across a local Japanese models magazine yesterday and in as much as it seemed harmless enough; there was a model that made my face flush. A magazine isn’t supposed to make me feel this kind of thing, is it? It is somewhere in the reading room. Before loading the clothes into the washing machine I have to read it first. I am not into women but I have been thinking about the nyotaimori model on page 13. God! I even know the page number. I leaf through the magazine to where the naked model is. She is stunning and unlike most models, she looks curvier. Her breasts are fuller than mine. They look buoyant and for once I can almost visualize what Clive would do with them. I’m wet and this is crazy. Her hips. I have fuller hips, but hers look like they could wreak havoc on the dance floor. And luckily her contact was just below the full length photo.

Dark desires

Clive and I disagree on a lot of issues but a threesome. We’ve talked about it severally and we agree that having a guy over would be draining: though petite, I don’t think I can handle two guys. Before long, I am calling my husband. He seems to think this is the best idea. Maybe this experience will spark things between us once more. I call the nyotaimori who unfortunately is booked for the consecutive two days. The two days are the longest in my life. On the material day, my husband comes home early and we set off to the hotel where we are supposed to have our new experience. I am jittery.

We find her already there and she wastes no time in undressing me. She reaches over and kisses me full on the lips while she does so. This is a first for me and I am almost pulling back. I look over to Clive who seems enthralled by what we are doing. This somehow encourages me. She gets the bra off and she’s fervently caressing my tits whose nipples are already rock hard. She then puts round cupcakes on my body downwards. She proceeds to eat some of them sensually which turns me so on. It reminded me of her nyotaimori practice prowess only that this wasn’t sushi. I follow her movements and I am trying to access her tits. She shrugs her blouse off to reveal those buoyant breasts. With no bra obstacle I immediately start licking and sucking her rosy nipples. She lowers me on the hotel settee opening my legs to give my husband a view of my already soaking wet pussy. This is lovely! All the inhibitions I at first had have been completely abolished. We are already rubbing each other’s pussy while sucking at each other’s nipples.

She was made for the moment

My husband walks towards us, undoing his pants. His cock springs out, thick and stiff and the model swallows hard. I drop to my knees and the model moves over to finger me from behind. I slid my tongue about the tip of my husband’s dick which is already gleaming with the salty pre-cum. I take turns to stroke him while taking his cock into my mouth as deep as I can. The model opts for the shaft too and we are now working on Clive’s shaft for all it’s worth. While I suck him, the model is slowly caressing.

Meanwhile, I sprawl on the settee giving the model access to my now very wet and wide open pussy while my husband enters her from behind. Surprisingly, this girl had brought with her a vibrator. She’s licking at my clit as she moves the vibrator in and out of me. My husband seems enchanted by the feeling that he is embedded in a pussy he has never before fucked. He drives his cock hard and deep into the model. The sounds of her soft butt flesh hitting his thighs with each thrust is a major turn on. The pangs of jealousy I thought would consume are nowhere. All I can think about is how beautiful all this is. The way she’s moaning indicates she is nearing her release and so is my husband. I have personally lost count of the times this vibrator has caused me to reach an orgasm.

Spark reignited

Within no time, they both climax. My husband withdraws and spurts on her ass and gives her a hard spank. The model moves around and guides me to start fingering her. After a little fingering, she guides me to start moving the vibrator up and down her wet pussy. Meanwhile, my husband is also fondling my very wet opening. The model slides down and I take this as a sign that she needs it inside her. I start inserting it in her, slowly at first then faster to match her growing pace. My husband enters me from behind and the sheer joy of the moment drowns us. I am almost unable to continue with my ministrations on the model, too caught up in what I am feeling. She slides down and starts licking at my husband’s dick while he is thrusting into me.

She slowly moves to his balls and teabags them while he rams his stiff length continuously in me. It has been too long since I experienced as much pleasure. I know the double pleasure my husband is experiencing is going to make him come and hard. He soon rams his cock as hard as he can inside me and at the same time picks the pace while holding my hips as firmly as if his life depends on it. Soon, my entire body quakes with an orgasm so intense I think I’m going to burst. My throbbing pussy soaks up everything he pours into me, as the model also comes from the pleasure of her vibrator. I just lay there, panting and completely spent but very sexually sated. “Perfect,” the model exclaims, “let’s now get started.” My jaw drops.

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