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5 Tell-Tale Signs You Are Falling for Your Fuck Buddy

Having a fuck buddy in your life is an easy way to get the casual sex you crave on a regular basis. Instead of arranging sexual encounters on an individual basis every few days, you set ground rules with the same person at the beginning of an arrangement. And you can enjoy no-strings sex without the hassle for as long as you want it.

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Remember: There shouldn't be romantic feelings between fuck buddies

But when sex involved feelings aren’t usually far away. Falling for your fuck buddy could cause you a world of problems, so it’s always a good idea to know the signs beforehand.

1. You Get Upset or Angry When Things Go Quiet

Do you find yourself looking longingly at your phone in the hope that your fuck buddy will call? Are you always checking your text messages for word from your sex friend? If so, things could be turning a lot more complicated. Having this type of casual sex arrangement means you don’t have to worry about waiting for messages and regular contact. The whole point of having a fuck friend is to keep things spontaneous and without commitment. If you’re starting to feel rejected, used or taken for granted, the relationship has strayed into new territory, and it could be time to end things.

2. You Only Want Sex with That Person

Finding a sex friend for casual encounters is something people do because they want to keep their sex options open. This type of arrangement allows people to explore sexual encounters with a wide range of people, so sticking with just one person kind of defeats the object. If you can only imagine yourself having sex with your fuck pal, it’s time to consider the possibility that you’re falling in love.

3. You Start Fantasising About More Than Sex

Having a fuck buddy is all about keeping things exciting and uncomplicated. Your relationship should start and end with sex, and it shouldn’t include personal involvement or any extra time together. But when sex is involved, feelings can often get in the way? Are you fantasising about having a family with your fuck friend? Are you thinking about dates, meeting family and sharing the moments in life that couples share? If so, you’re probably falling for your sex friend. Even if you find yourself reluctant to leave after sex, it’s important to spot the warning signs before one of you gets hurt. Or if you think something special is happening, be open and honest about your feelings — whilst preparing yourself for bad news.

4. You Are Making Up Reasons to Chat

The communications between you and your fuck buddy should be limited to making arrangement for your casual sex sessions. You should be arranging a date and a place, and maybe a few details about exactly what will happen. But if you find yourself texting or phoning just to say ‘hi’, or to ask questions that aren’t relevant to the status of your relationship, you can be fairly sure that your feelings are getting stronger. Be honest with yourself and your fuck friend, and cool things off if your feelings are starting to get out of hand.

5. You’re Wishing Your Buddy Had Something Else to Say

Having a fuck friend means you don’t have to waste time or energy on conversation or feelings — you can just get straight down to business when you’re horny. But it might be time to start worrying if you’ve started waiting for your fuck pal to talk about work or personal life. From the outset of your relationship, you need to be at ease with the fact that these issues are none of your concern. Your relationship is about fun and sex, and nothing else. Don’t fish for compliments or take an interest in your buddy’s personal life, as the more you know, the more you’ll want to know.

Remember Why You Started This Casual Relationship

It’s important not to lose sight of exactly why you chose to have a fuck friend in the first place. You either weren’t getting what you needed in your current relationship or you wanted to have sex without the emotional commitment. Either way, your goal was no-strings sex on a regular basis. But the moment you start having feelings for your buddy, the ‘no-strings’ element of the relationship is lost forever. While there is a chance that this might be a good thing, the chances are it will lead to complications you aren’t ready for.

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