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Yes it can be Done

At times, when a girl breaks up with you, it is not because she wants to get into a new relationship. However, that does not mean that she does not desire to have sex. Making an ex-girlfriend into your fuck buddy can be a lot of fun and quite rewarding. However, there are some rules you should always observe if you want it to succeed. Firstly, you have to understand how the fuck buddy relationship works. One important point to remember in such a relationship is that you are not trying to get back with her. You already tried that, and it did not work.

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You had great sex? A break-up shouldn't stop you from sleeping together.

One benefit of turning your ex into your fuck friend is that you already know each other so well. As a result, you already understand what makes the other person happy. You should never be afraid to propose such an arrangement with your ex if that is what you desire. However, things can turn out horrible if you do not follow a few simple rules that ensure you succeed.

Do Not Go On Dates or Catch Feelings

If you decide that you want to become a friend with benefit to your ex-girlfriend, this is the first rule. No matter how strong the urge becomes, you should never take her out to dinner. You simply want her for sex, and that should be made clear. Dates only make it seem like a relationship. Simply call her up and remind her of the things you used to do to each other. Ask her if it is possible for you to continue having sex. If you were good at it, she would be more willing. However, make sure that she clearly understands that you do not intend to take her on dates to fancy places. Most girls are just as horny as dudes are but are more discreet about it. You would be surprised how many of them just want some good dick. If you begin expressing feelings, the girl will be turned off. Sometimes all she wants in her life is someone who can give her good dick and end it there and then. Be casual and friendly when trying to make her see your point of view.

Do It Correctly

If you broke up a few months ago, your ex-girlfriend might have tasted other dick elsewhere. When you do manage to get her into the sack, you want to make sure it is not a one-time event. Do exercises that are recommended to make you better at sex. If everything else fails, you can always use pills. The point to all this is that you want to ensure she remembers how good you were at sex. As a result, she will desire your dick and come back for more. Making a first impression that is memorable will keep her wanting to get more. You must keep in mind that she can get dicks anywhere. The point here is to make sure that she wants it from you often. In short, be a stud in the bud and do all the freakish things that you are sure to give her an orgasm. However, to keep her coming for more, avoid cuddling. If you begin cuddling with her after sex, she will think you want to get back with her. The biggest turn off is when a girl begins to feel like this was a ploy to get back with her.

When Is It Easiest to Have Sex with an Ex

If you and your ex-girlfriend broke up for some flimsy reason, it is quite easy to use her as a fuck friend. However, if it was for a major cause, it will not be easy. Having sex with your ex will also be easier if you were having sex while the two of you were dating. If the relationship ended because you were a poor performer, it is hard for her to contemplate coming back to you. It is also quite easy to get back with an ex if she has ever texted you to inform you that she missed how you used to fuck her. Do not hesitate if you get such a text. Get to enticing her with steamy words that you are sure to turn her on. After sending a number of steamy texts and seeing that she is responsive, make your move. Ask her to meet you at your house or a hotel. She will already know why you want her there, and she will come prepared to be nailed hard. However, avoid disappointing her. Fuck her as you have never fucked her entire time you were dating.

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