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7 Mistakes to Avoid with Your Fuck Buddy

Finding someone who is willing to enjoy casual sex without the emotional baggage that often comes with it is not easy. So if you’re lucky enough to have a sex buddy, you should do everything in your power to keep them happy.

thoughtful woman on the bed while having sex
Make your meetings purely about sex, keep emotions and personal life out.

Unfortunately, too many people scare their fuck friend off by doing or saying the wrong things. A fuck buddy is someone who is willing to have casual sex with you, but without a strong friendship or relationship.

This arrangement can be very productive for both people, as it allows them to relieve their sexual frustrations without having to worry about commitment or ‘what comes next’.

But as many people have found out, there are a few mistakes that can lead to an abrupt end to this mutually beneficial arrangement.

1. Expecting Quality Time Together Between Sexual Encounters

A sex buddy is not a friend with benefits. And the chances are the merest hint of anything other than a sexual arrangement will have your fuck buddy fleeing for the exit door.

Don’t call your sex buddy for chats, and don’t ask to meet for dinner, lunch or anything other than uncomplicated sex. Treat sex with as a sport or therapy, and nothing else.

2. Expecting This Casual Relationship to Succeed in the Long Term

The status of sex buddy is always going to be a temporary situation, so don’t treat it any other way. Once you start thinking of the future, or start making plans for the future, you’ll be headed towards relationship territory, and that could end in unhappiness and disappointment.

Enjoy the sexual chemistry today, and expect every sexual encounter with your fuck buddy to be the last. Live for the moment, and let tomorrow take care of itself.

3. Setting a Sex Schedule

One of the great appeals of having a fun buddy is the spontaneous and unpredictable nature of the relationship. As soon as you start setting a schedule, or even a frequency for your meetings, you will start straying into relationship territory. Keep things casual. If you’re horny, send a text or give your fuck buddy a quick call. And don’t take things personally if your sex friend just isn’t in the mood.

4. Mixing with One Another’s Friends

Don’t make the mistake of getting to know your fuck buddy’s friends, as the nature of your relationship means they could be out of your life in a flash. Moving in the same social circles will make your arrangement very difficult, and it could lead to your secret getting out.

You will be asked very awkward questions about the status of your relationship, and you might be forced to lie to people you care about. So, keep your casual sex life far apart from your social life.

5. Dating Instead of Just Getting Down to Business

The moment you start meeting for movie dates or candlelit dinners, your fuck buddy status will be in jeopardy. Why? Because you and your sex buddy will need to start living in the real world. You will start to talk about feelings, hopes, aspirations and passions. This could put one or both of you off having sex.

After all, the excitement of your arrangement lies in the secretive, unplanned nature of the sexual encounters you enjoy together. By all means, chat and joke together, but do it in the bedroom, just before you get down to business.

6. Cuddling After Sex

Sex, whether it’s casual or within a committed relationship, is a highly intimate experience. And no matter how hard you both try, ridding the experience of emotion completely is almost impossible. You might be tempted to hang around after a passionate session to chat and cuddle, but this could be a recipe for disaster.

The whole point of having a sex buddy is to release your sexual tension and then go back to your normal life. This will be very difficult if you start spending time together that doesn’t involve the act of sex. If you’re staying the night, sleep in separate beds.

7. Allowing Things to Grow Stale

If you’ve found a partner for regular casual sex to keep your sex life exciting, experimental and unpredictable, why allow your illicit encounters to grow stale? Keep emotions and details of your personal lives private, and make your meetings purely about sex. But don’t expect the fun to last for months if you’re not prepared to work at it.

You should be constantly looking for new role-playing situations, positions, scenarios and locations. Push the boundaries of social convention, and always be looking for sexual experiences you wouldn’t normally be exposed to in your everyday life.

By avoiding these seven common mistakes, you and your fuck buddy should be able to satisfy one another’s sexual urges for a very long time.

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