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Get all the pleasures of buddy sex without any strings attached, no worries

Many men and women look for fuck buddies to enjoy great sex. What could be better than countless nights of unbelievable sexual antics? You never know what a hot, ready for it man or woman happens to be into at the time?

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You can have the best casual mind-blowing sex without commitment!

Fun and games, no commitment fuck buddy, no hook-up scenarios, now you’re talking! Here are 5 proven traits about how to get the most out of a fuck buddy relationship.

1. Casual means casual – don’t get hurt by falling in love, casual sex means casual. There’s no need to have a drama and all the other bullshit that goes with it. The moment you start to care too much about what he or she is doing, who they are talking to, who they are getting fucked off, is the time to bail out. Don’t discuss your feelings too much and don’t make future plans. Satisfy each other sexually whether it’s interracial, BBW or fetishes like latex, cross dressing or foot fetish.

2. Fuck her properly – to all those guys out there, this one is your responsibility. Fucking her properly will keep her coming back for more and more. Give her everything she wants, leg-shaking, earth-quaking orgasms in ways she never knew were possible. Put her needs first, she will be more than happy to fulfill your fantasies and sexual desires.3. Stay clear of the boyfriend/girlfriend trap – some horny guys and girls make the mistake of using their sex buddy like a boyfriend or girlfriend. Avoid this like you would a sexual disease. You’ll lose the power of sexual excitement if you become too close.

There’s no need to tell each other who you’ve been with, who you have spoken to or what’s on your mind.

4. Keep things fun – the whole concept about fuck buddies is pleasure and being a free spirit. Make it fun, try new moves and explore your body sexually. So what if you want to suck the first time around, if you want to lick that hot, steaming pussy or bang each other up the arse. Remember to have a strictly sexual relationship, one where you can both push the boundaries. Go that little bit further and experiment.

5. Kink it up – kink things up with no inhibitions. Try out different sex positions and routines. Add in a bit of naughty talk of what you would like to do to each other. Be open about what you both want and meet up every now and then for casual sex. Make sure your fuck buddy is adventurous. Don’t lose sight of having a keen sense of fun and excitement about sex, that’s what it’s all about.

5 qualities for the perfect hook-up sex buddy

If you’re thinking about finding a hook-up buddy, choose wisely. Check out the following 5 qualities to look out for.

1. Reliability – there’s no point in having a hook-up buddy who only responds when he or she wants a fuck. While not a relationship, a hook-up buddy-ship should benefit both parties.

2. Both know the deal – both have to feel comfortable with casual sex. Once you’ve got into a rhythm with your fuck buddy, you shouldn’t be shy about calling him or her over for some afternoon nookie.

3. Be flexible – remember when it comes to sex, not everyone can work to the same timescale. If you’re out hitting the clubs and bars until 4 a.m. every night, then hitting the sack for casual hook-up buddy sex, might not work out. To get the most out of fuck buddy-ship, be flexible with your time and sex.

4. Is your FB open to your dating other people – it’s important that your FB feels OK with you seeing other people. He or she hasn’t got to mind about you sleeping with whom you want but try and not take too many liberties. Let the sex flow and get your rocks off without becoming too attached.

5. Be discreet – when entering into an FB relationship, discretion is the key. When you find someone you can have bone-shaking sex with, the last thing you want to do is go around telling your friends everything.

OK a big mouth is great for sex, but hold back with discussing what you’ve been up to. It won’t work out otherwise.

Let’s sum up. FB is all about the freedom of casual mind-blowing sex without any hang ups. Go into it with an open mind, not to mention open legs and throbbing cock. Keep it simple and enjoy.

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