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A Long Lasting Desire Finally Fullfilled

He spins her around and plunges deep into her mouth. She returns his force with equal measure and she is moaning into his mouth as she continues to work him. The noises she makes are so unguarded, so sincere and her obvious lust for him is so heartfelt.

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The lounge lights are dim and bodies sway around them in sync to the beat. It's a steady thump, thump, thump, matching the insistent hammering in her chest as she fairly vibrates next to him in anticipation. This is new - he is new. They are new. She doesn't know what to expect so she lets go of expectation. She closes her eyes, throws back her head and surrenders herself to this music, diving into its depths.

He watches her. She is a raw beauty and the best part is that she has absolutely no idea of her effect on others - on him. Her small neck is exposed and her long hair trails down her back and it's all he can do to stop himself from reaching out, gathering a handful of hair and pulling her back even further. All he can do not to ravage her right then and there. He can feel himself getting hard. He knows he has to wait, has to be patient with her - she is not like any other and he can't figure out which part of her he wants to touch first. Her small, taut waist, her sweet encased breasts, currently thrust out as she envelopes herself in the music.

"Take Me Home"

Suddenly, she comes back to, reaches down and takes off her black heels. She turns to him, her big, expressive eyes dark and hooded with lust. Right there, in the midst of the lounge, she climbs on top of him and straddles his lap. He swallows hard and his hands automatically find purchase on her hips. She has a woman's curves and he takes a moment to trace her outline. As she lowers her head to kiss him, he moves down to her ass and squeezes. It's firm and soft at the same time and he can feel her flesh is hot underneath her skirt.

He is so turned on by her strange complexity: she is at once innocent, at once daring. Naive but willing. Small and petite but strong. He could look at her for hours on end but then he'd have to touch her, he'd have to have her, he'd have to take her. Even he did not have that much self-restraint. She delicately licks the back of his earlobe, then nips at the top of his ear. "Take me home," she whispers. She draws back and looks at him. Her dark lashes are lowered but she is sober. She is serious.

He is so hard at this point, he can barely contain himself. He wonders if she can feel the length of him because he can certainly feel her small, hot core. He thinks of her getting wet and nearly groans with the pressure building.

"Did you say, 'take me here'?" he asks, playfully.She laughs, a small tinkling sound, and looks at him. "If you torture me any longer," she says, drawing out every syllable, "you might have to."He looks in amazement at her: him torture her? Not bloody likely."Your wish is my command, my lady," he says huskily.

They return in one piece and once they bid everyone a good night, they walk in, shut the door and stand for a moment. She looks at his place with new eyes. She has never considered his room before. She has never noticed his bed or his belongings with much interest. And, she is a little scared. She knows what is going to happen. She wants it to happen. So bad. The taxi ride had been unbearable. She wanted him to take her. And she knows it is going to be amazing. They have been playing this little game for weeks. Still, there is a small foreboding thrill in the pit of her stomach that wants to hold her back.

The Awakening

He sets her heels down quietly at the door and sweeps her hair off her back. As he begins to trail soft kisses down her neck and bare back, her breathing gets shorter and faster. She starts to make little mewling noises and he decides she's ready. He gently walks her toward the foot of his bed. Once her knees hit the edge, she automatically buckles a little and he catches her, pulling her hard into him. Their need for each other suddenly skyrockets. His sucking gets messy and her breathing quickens. She needs to feel more than just his lips - she needs to feel his chest on her back and his hands all over her breasts. She needs to feel him pressing into her.

She reaches behind her and starts to rub him. The friction is intense on his already-insistent erection. Her small hands move up and down and start to work the front of his zipper. Not to be outdone, he quickly slides his hands up her thighs and into her skirt, clutching her skin hard as he goes along, but she doesn't seem to mind his grip. She springs him free right as he finds the hem of her panties. He yanks down and, as he does so, she grabs a hold of him and moves her hands stroke for stroke. It is glorious and he cannot imagine what being sheathed inside of her will be like if simply being encased in her hands was pushing him over.

He spins her around and plunges deep into her mouth. She returns his force with equal measure and she is moaning into his mouth as she continues to work him. The noises she makes are so unguarded, so sincere and her obvious lust for him is so heartfelt. He has her, finally, he realizes. He has finally worn her down. She is ready to give in to him.

"Ready?" "Find out for yourself!"

He decides he's had enough and puts a hand on the small of her back, the other running through her long, black hair. She automatically arches into him and her breasts are soft against his chest. He gently pushes her back so she tips on the edge of the bed and falls softly on to her elbows. He regards her for a moment as she looks back fiercely. She ays nothing but her eyes are on fire. Her body is thrumming with excitement and her skirt is all the way up, her panties half down.

He watches her carefully and takes off his shirt in one fluid motion. She lifts herself off her elbows and draws him close to her with the belt loop of his jeans, then pulls them down so they hover around his knees. She looks up at him with such a look of supplication in her eyes, it is almost as though the loving pilgrim, the innocent believer, has traversed a winding road to finally lay eyes upon her lord. He bends down to meet her lips, sucking and biting, and pushes her back on to her elbows. He reaches down and pulls her panties off and she moves her legs swiftly through to quicken the action.

As she spread her legs, he moves to stand again and brings her panties to his noise. It is such an animalistic move, her breath hitches and comes out fast and ragged. He sniffs the wet centre brazenly, then tosses them aside. "Ready?" Her eyes are dark with passion. "Find out for yourself," she says breathily.

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