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The Beginnings of a Sex Adventure

My name is Monika, I’m 39 and I have lived a relatively sheltered life. I was happily married, and I loved my marriage. However, the sex life had become quite dull in recent years. I tried everything to spice up my marriage, but nothing seemed to work. I even thought of banging the gardener this one time, but I quickly got rid of those thoughts. My husband was quite busy, which meant we had a secure future. However, I still felt a passion burn within me that success alone could not satisfy. I even tried to read erotic stories to make myself feel happy. However, I always ended up being rudely jolted back into reality every evening.

sexy blonde in bright pink underwear

My husband and I had not had sex in over a month, and I was feeling particularly horny. One day my husband came home, and the little was on a camping trip. As we were cuddling on the couch, an ad for an online dating service flashed across the screen. My heart immediately began racing. I could not wait to visit the service and try it out. I could feel my heart pounding, and I wondered if my husband suspected anything. That just made it more exciting. Later on, we went to bed and as usual, nothing was going on there. He quickly rolled over and immediately dozed off. I could not wait to use my computer the next morning.

Signing Up to Meet Men for Sex

By the next morning, I had almost changed my mind. I was not sure if I wanted to risk everything we had built with my husband for a bit of excitement. However, the fire within me was burning white hot. I needed it to be quenched more than I wanted anything else in the world. Later on, my friend Cathy came to visit me. As we talked, our conversation turned to online dating. You see Cathy had just divorced a few months ago, and she was now dating. She filled my head with stories of how exciting it was to find men for sex on dating sites. Although there was the off chance of meeting a creep, most dudes were pretty honest about who they were.

When she finally left, I could not wait to get to my computer. I signed up to a dating website with my heart pounding and not knowing what to expect. I took some selfies with and uploaded them. Even as I did this, I dreaded to think what my husband would do if he found me out. However, the site promised the highest degree of privacy for its subscribers. I felt a bit reassured. I finished the process and quickly deleted my search history. I giggled when I thought about how I was sneaking around like a teenager.

Meeting Men for Sex Online

Later in the day, I went and did some shopping and came back home. When I got there, I decided first to check up on my dating site. The number of hits I got on my profile surprised me. It took me by surprise that I got so many replies. There was all manner of men seeking to chat with me. That got my heart racing; I even think I blushed a bit. I could not believe I was looking for men for sex. It had been a while since anybody had told me something romantic. It made me as if I was in college again.

One particular guy caught my attention. He did not live far away, and he was just five years my junior. We began chatting and could not stop. For the entire week, we continued to speak, and his messages became naughtier with time. His name was Jon on the website. All he wanted was to catch me in the shower and run his hands all over my body. He wanted to massage my hair and move slowly to my nipples until they were erect. He said he would suck on them just enough to make me dripping wet. Such talk got me excited. After our steamy conversations, I would be thrown back into reality.

Our Meeting

After chatting for about two months, I decided I wanted to meet him. His passionate words were too much for me to hold it in anymore. We agreed on a place where I could be anonymous. My husband was away for the weekend, so I was not worried. I dressed in the sexiest dress I could find and went out to meet him. We had exchanged contacts, and I had seen him on social media. When I saw him, my heart almost popped out of my chest. I casually walked up to where he was, and he said "Hey sweetie." At that moment all fear and doubt I had melted. I moved closer to him and hugged him.

We went over to the restaurant and stared at each other for what seemed like ages. I could not help but stare into his eyes. I could tell he was excited to meet me too. Later on, we left for his car and got in. It did not take long before his hands were all over me, inside me. I noticed his impressive bulge and I almost screamed in excitement. We went to a hotel room, and I immediately ripped his pants off. My pussy was dripping like crazy. I pushed him onto the bed and rode that cock for ages. He spurted all over my tits and my belly and then we did it again.

The Ending of a Romantic Meeting

In the morning after, we went to the shower and had the most intense sex I had ever had. He sucked the soul out of my pussy in the shower, with his hands still on my nipples. I was breathing deeply, and I thought I would explode from the sheer excitement. I had never cum so intensely in my life. Afterward, he wrapped me in a towel and carried me back to the bed.

There, he parted my legs lovingly and shoved it in furiously. As he did so he began to mourn my name loudly, "Monika oh baby, Monika!". I wanted him to keep thrusting forever. I had never felt so good in my life. I put my legs tightly around his waist, as I wanted him to go deeper and harder. He flipped me over and banged me doggy style. The feeling of his manhood inside me pleasuring me, made me cum so hard.

However, I was well aware this was a one-time thing, and I would have to go back to my boring life. Up until now, I still think of him and my night of passionate lovemaking. However, I do not think I will be looking for men for sex again anytime soon.

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