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My Deep Seated Sexual Urges

Hi, my name is Charity and I have always had urges to meet men for sex since as far as I can remember. However, I was always and still am a very shy woman. I am mostly at the office or if not that, I am at home. In addition, I have a very circle of friends. However, I always seem to hang out with some of the freest spirited people. At 28 years of age, my urges have been getting stronger.

Gorgeous girl in underwear lying on bed

I feel like there is a piece lacking in my life, something wild and fantastic. I knew it was something that I might regret later. It made me feel bad because I knew I had most things other people did not have. For one, I had an excellent job, a bright career ahead, my health and I knew I was good looking. I have long red hair, and I attend the thrice a week. However, I was too held back until I decided it was time to take the plunge into the unknown. My main weakness was my urge to do something crazy. Once I set my mind on something, I could not stop. No matter how dangerous it might turn out to be, I always have to have my way. I knew meeting men for sex was something I had to do.

Lighting the Spark

I daydream a lot about an encounter with men for sex when I am at work. It is one of the major sources of my urges. Since am quite introverted, I tend to use daydreams as a source of entertainment. It was during one of these daydreaming sessions that my friend Lucy approached. It was during the lunch break, so we began to have small talk. She asked if I wanted to go for lunch with her. Of course, I accepted her offer, and we went together. Lucy is one of the best people to hang out with at the workplace. She is always full of interesting stories. She is also very active socially. In fact, she and I are two opposites of each other. However, we seem to get along quite fine. She always has some gossip about my co-workers. I enjoy listening to her gossip. It is one of my guilty pleasures. After some gossip, she began to tell me about her dating life. I was a bit taken aback by what she said. She said that she had been meeting men for sex on a regular basis. When I asked her if she sleeps with all of them, she said no. However, she had ignited something in me. I could not wait to get home that day. I could help but envy her for how exciting her sex life was.

Meeting My First Guy

Later that evening, I could not get what Lucy had said to me off my mind. Although my boyfriend was good at sex, I wanted excitement. So later on, I told him I would stay up late for work. I could not stop shifting during dinner. My boyfriend even asked what was wrong. I quickly dismissed it as being tired from work. “Ok Charity, come to bed when you are done with work,” he said as he gently squeezed my breasts. Immediately he went to bed, I got online and began searching for the website Lucy gave me. The thrill of finally meeting men for sex had my heart racing. She had told me it was virtually impossible to be caught. Everything was quite secretive on the website. I sign up on the website, and I was quite shocked. The first few messages I get are quite juvenile. Some men told me they would do things to me that made me throw up a bit in the back of my mouth. I was very disappointed. Although they were quite handsome, they only seemed to have come here for sex and nothing more. I wanted it too but the way they said it disgusted me. However, I also knew I had to blame myself. I had not put any picture, and there was little information on my location. I knew I had to do something if I wanted to meet serious men for sex. After about two weeks, I went back to the site and updated my information. It did not take long before some sweet messages began to flood my inbox.

Mr. Perfect

Finally, I find the right guy, and we hit it off immediately. He was forty-three years old, but I could have sworn he looked thirty. After chatting for a few days, I could not hold my urges back anymore. I egged him on until he finally asked me out on a date. I cannot remember much of the date, but the memories in our hotel room are unforgettable. He immediately takes my clothes off gently, even before we closed the door. I could feel my heart racing as he peels off all my clothes. I hesitate for a moment as I feel my body tense up, but then he whispers in that deep sexy voice into my ear, and I relax and give in to him.

He caresses my entire body, and I begin to feel myself getting wet. Finally, he penetrates me and slowly thrusts. At times stopping fully inside to kiss me and suck my tits. His rhythm increases, and he goes faster and harder. I feel alive again; I knew at that moment that I would never want this to end. After he is done, he rolls off me and goes to sleep. The next morning, we fuck one final time before he leaves. I never heard from him again. I knew I would have to meet men for sex again soon; I was feeling unfulfilled.

An Intense Sexual Encounter for A second Time

A week later am back again at a hotel with Greg. He is much rougher than the first guy. He tore my clothes so fast I thought they would tear. However, I am enjoying what he is doing. He immediately covers my pussy with his mouth and begins playing with my clit using his tongue. I had never felt so good in my life. His hands were grabbing my nipples and twirling them, which made me wet. When his shoved that monster inside, I felt like I was in heaven. He started out fast and hard and kept on going faster. He turned me over on my side and lifted one of my legs on his shoulder. After a few strokes, I felt my entire body shudder as I had one of the longest orgasms in my life. After two more rounds of exciting love making, I fell dead asleep. When I woke up later, Greg was gone. I went home, knowing that I had to stop meeting men for sex, but I did not know how.

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