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My First Experience Meeting Men For Sex, But Not My Last

My name is Alissa and I'm a 23-year old college student with just a few years left to go. As a fairly fit female with blonde hair and blue eyes, I've never had a problem finding men to hook up with. But seriously, how many college guys can one girl be with before she gets tired of them? A few months ago, I hit my limit. I swore off any more guys my age and decided to stop random hookups. While this was fine for a month or two, eventually I became tired… and HORNY. I could no longer pleasure myself with just my vibrator and decided to branch out to meet men for sex online. Was it weird at first? Surprisingly not!

Sexy blonde woman coming out of the shower

I found it really fun to browse through so many men who were not only the age I wanted, but also successful in their careers and not looking for anything serious. One man in particular was a bit older than me at 40, but was incredibly handsome and a local lawyer. After chatting a bit about what we were looking for we decided to meet up at a local hotel, which is where my first random hookup came to life.

Hot, Sticky Sex in a Beautiful Hotel

Upon entering Roger's hotel room we sat on the couch to chat and drink a glass of wine. Feeling more comfortable by the second, I decided to take things to the next level. I gently grabbed his tie and pulled him over to me, kissing his neck and telling him how sexy he was. He responded by putting his hands on my waist and telling me he wanted to fuck me since the second he set eyes on my. After putting out glasses down and I took my clothes off, we went onto the bed where he gave me an incredibly hot, sexual, and wet massage. By the time he was done my pussy was throbbing, ready for him to fuck me. As if reading my mind, he climbed on top of me while I was still face-down, and he fucked me with his rather large cock.

He went for a long time and I orgasmed three times as he rubbed my breasts during the encounter. When we was ready to finish, he pulled out and came on my back, letting out a loud moan telling me how tight my pussy was. After cleaning up in the bathroom I had a new idea for the next step.

Getting To Know Our Suite

As I exited the bathroom I realized that we weren't in just a traditional hotel room; we were in a suite. So I took Roger by the hand and led him into the main living room. It was here where I poured champagne and ask him to fuck me on the kitchen counter. Realizing it was a bit too tall, we took to the floor where he pounded me hard against the soft kitchen rug. Before he finished I stood up against the sink and bent over so I could feel his thick cock in my ass. He gently pushed into me as I grasped the countertop and yelled for him to go deeper inside. He moaned loudly while he grabbed my hips and eventually pounded my ass as he continuously poured lube onto his sick.

After just a few minutes I had orgasmed twice and felt a new pulsating sensation all over my body. When he came he did so inside my ass and then gently took himself out of me so we could take a break. After lying on the living room couch for a few minutes, he suggested we go to the bathroom so we could take a shower.

Bringing in a Friend

Before jumping in, I decided to call my friend who lives just around the corner from the hotel. I knew she was looking to experience a threesome and knew this would be the perfect time. She picked up on the first ring and said she'd be over in 15 minutes. In the meantime Roger and I headed to the shower, where he gently rubbed my breasts and pussy with soap bubbled on his hands. As he finished rinsing me off I slowly dropped to my knees and gave him a blow job, although I could barely put all of him into my mouth. By the time he orgasmed we heard a knock at the door and I skipped out to let Tiffany in.

Seeing me in bubbles with no clothes, Tiffany immediately started stripping down. She climbed into bed where she and I started making out until Roger came out from the shower. Once he was there, he laid on the bed so I could ride his dick and Tiff could sit on his face. Everyone was filled with pleasure and we continued (with the occasional position change) for a good hour before everyone had come multiple times. After having successfully experienced my first threesome, I knew that I would continue to meet men for sex to fill my desires without disappointment.

First But Not The Last

My experience with Roger was everything I wanted it to be and left me fulfilled in ways I had never been with college-age guys in the past. We met once more at his home for sex the next week, but we both agreed we wanted to keep in casual so we wouldn't meet again after that. However, my experience with meeting men for sex was not finished. I continued to log on to find other guys I was interested in, and quickly found three other men to set up days with. One is next weekend and we plan on trying out a little bit of dominatrix-type play because he likes to be controlled. The one after that will be a bit more fun, as we plan on role playing to my favourite cosplay.

The last man, who is the oldest at 50 years old, simply wants to give me orgasms all night. How could I turn that down? He and I will explore my sexual desires so I can learn more about my body and what really turns me on. I don't see him as being the last, because with the fun I'm having, I never want this to end!

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