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Finding Men For Sex In An Unconventional But Fun Way

Naked woman with big firm breastsWhen my best friend suggested to me that I should find a man to simply have sex with, a "fuck buddy" in her terms, I thought she was out of her mind. After all, I'm 36, a real estate agent, and a mom to a 17 year old high school student. How was I supposed to pull off finding men with all that I had going on? However, after she told me "Kathy, you have to have pleasure in your life ...just go online!" I realized she really had a point. Why should I suffer through a sexless life just because I was a little bit older and a mother? It was time to focus on myself, so I made time to explore sex online.

At first the experience was a little odd, but as I began to write my own post, I became empowered with my words. I loved describing my 34 DD's with firm but and curvy hips, knowing that this could potentially lead to a man putting his hands all over them for himself. In just a short amount of time I met Adam, who happened to be in real estate in the town right next to me. Being 36 and also divorced we had a lot in common; however, it was his dark hair, chiseled body, and glowing smile that immediately got my mind thinking about all the things he could do to me.

My First Unforgettable Encounter

Just a week later I was able to meet Adam at a local bar and he was even more handsome in person. After a quick glass of wine I suggested we go to my place, as my daughter was at her father's house for the weekend. On the cab ride home he scooted over close to me, gently rubbing his fingers along the back of my neck. This tingled deep inside me and immediately drew me to his lips. As we made out in the cab he slipped his free hand underneath by dress, gently rubbing my clit from the outside of my panties. I knew I could have fucked him right then and there, but to save face in front of the cab driver, I closed my legs and told him we'd carry on at my house.

As soon as we exited the cab Adam grabbed a hold of my ass while kissing me deep and hard. I could feel his dick throbbing against me, which triggered me to quickly jump on top of him so he could hold me up against him. Holding me close while pulling my hair, I could feel him walk towards my house and push me on my front door. One of his hands then slid under my dress and gently found its way to my ass, which he rubbed and gently entered as I kissed him harder. Using his other fingers to rub my pussy, I found myself moaning loudly as he double penetrated me with just his thick fingers.

Taking My Encounter Inside

After having my first orgasm I told Adam it was time to go inside, so he gently set me down so I could open the front door. Upon entering I poured us each a glass of wine before turning on my bedroom fireplace. Once inside we went out to my balcony to enjoy the beautiful weather, only to be immediately drawn to each other once again. It was at this point when I found myself acting differently than I had with any other man, pulling his pants down to expose his rock hard dick. As he stood on my balcony sipping his wine, I deep-throated him while he tugged on my hair with his free hand. He moaned quite a bit as I pushed him deeper inside my mouth and pulled him in closer to me to make sure he felt as good as possible. Minutes later he exploded in my mouth, and I swallowed it easily since he was so deep in my mouth when he came.

Getting up from my knees I showed him inside to my bed. I asked him to unzip my dress and he bent me over, pushing me gently onto my pillows. As I began to get back up, he pulled my hair back, pushed my dress up, and began fucking me hard from behind. I fell into the bed urging him to go harder, letting myself feel the fullness of his girth inside me. I told him to finish in my ass when he was close to finishing, and we both ended up orgasming at the same time.

The Best Sex Of My Life

Needing a bit of a break, I suggested we go to the kitchen to grab a bite to eat. As we went through the fridge Adam spotted chocolate syrup and I knew that our relaxation wouldn't last long. He asked me back to the bed, but this time to take off all my clothes. Then, laying on my back without anything on, he poured chocolate syrup into my pussy and gently licked it until every last drop was gone. I orgasmed at least three times as he sucked on my clit and stuck his finger up my ass, knowing that I was dripping wet from pleasure. As he kissed his way up to my breasts I pushed him over next to me and climbed on top of his rock hard dick. He grabbed my breasts as I rode him, telling me my pussy felt good rocking back and forth on top of him. I fucked him hard in the end, before he flipped me over and finished by cumming on my stomach and face. At last we were both exhausted, knowing we had let our sexual desires out and had finally had quality casual sex with no strings attached.

Should I Meet Men For Sex Again?

After this sexual encounter I knew that I had to meet more men for sex online. That's why I immediately set up a few more encounters with men in my area that are attractive and willing to try new things. In fact, my next experience is with a man who is younger than me at 25 years old. We discussed our dual interest in role playing and will explore that our first night in a hotel. I'm excited to see what is to come and know that my sex life will never be a disappointment now that I have reliable men for sex.

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