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How I Met Two Men For Sex In The Same Day

I'm Layla and I'm a 26-year-old insurance agent with brown hair, brown eyes, and a curvy figure. I normally don't have a problem meeting men, but when it comes to meeting men who fuck me right, I just haven't found someone to satisfy me. This is why I decided to find men for sex online, even though I was a bit nervous at first. However, my mind was put to ease when I ended up talking to two men (Adam 32 and Derek 28) who were attractive, successful, and interested in casual sex focused on my pleasure. Although I planned on meeting Adam on Friday and Derek on Saturday, I ended up fucking them both in the same night.

hot man and woman making out

How did this happen? It started with me getting ready for my date with Adam, putting on a short black dress with red lace panties and a matching red lace bra. I brushed my long hair out, applied red lipstick, and put on black heels to finish my look. After slipping a few condoms and my favourite dildo in my bag, I hopped in a cab to go to a beach-front restaurant. Once I arrived, my night of hot, sticky, and surprising sex finally began.

My First Date and Incredible Sexual Experience

Dinner with Adam was nothing short of excellent, but seeing his handsome good looks made me tingle deep inside. Fortunately we cut things short, skipping dessert so he could take me to his beautiful home. Once we arrived, he took the liberty of pouring me a glass of wine and showing me around what could only be described as a mansion. Unfortunately I didn't get to see the entire place, because it was in the first guest bedroom that I unleashed my desires.

I grabbed him by his shirt and slowly kissed his neck, letting him reach inside my dress to rub my pussy at the same time. Once I had his pants undone, I lowered to my knees and gently pushed him into my mouth. He moaned with pleasure and grabbed my hair hard, letting me know he had came after just a couple of minutes.

Once I cleaned up, he welcomed me onto the bed where he gently pulled my dress off and licked my pussy over my lace panties. Grasping the bed I could feel myself ready to orgasm, which is when Adam pulled my panties down and began fucking me. He rubbed my clit as he fucked harder, and minutes later we both came with loud screams at the same time.

Focusing on My Pleasure and Desires

Not ready to finish just yet, Adam asked exactly what I wanted. I longed to be fucked in the ass, which is when he pulled out his own lube and poured it all over my back and his cock. I tingled with excitement as he fingered my pussy and ass, getting me slippery wet in preparation for his cock. Once he pushed himself into me I felt an incredible sense of pleasure and couldn't hold in my excitement. After a few minutes I asked him to go harder as I held onto the headboard and he pounded into me.

Although my pleasure had reached new heights, I wasn't quite done yet. I paused for a brief second to pull the dildo I brought with me out of my bag. I had Adam lube it up and stick it in my pussy to fill me up nice and tight. Once he began fucking me in the ass again, I screamed out in pleasure experiencing the sensation of double penetration. I begged him to fuck me hard until I came, and once I did, he gave a few lasts thrusts before he came onto my back. Now that I was completely satisfied, I took a quick shower and told him I'd call him again for a quick fuck when we both had time.

My Second Sexual Experience of the Night

As I hopped in a cab to go home, my phone buzzed with a text from Derek. He invited me to his place for a nightcap, and because it was just a few minutes away, I agreed. Pulling up to his apartment I could see that it was a nice area, which made me more comfortable and confident. He met me outside and as soon as I saw his smile, I could feel my body beginning to throb with excitement. I walked right up to him and started kissing him hard, being more aggressive than I usually am. He grabbed my waist, pulled me close to him, and told me he couldn't wait a day longer to fuck me.

When we got into his bedroom I immediately stripped down and asked to ride him reverse cowgirl. He was ready to go in seconds, so I climbed on top and rode him while he slapped my ass and grabbed my waist. With a cock that was larger than I was used to I came quickly, but because he wasn't done yet, I deep-throated him until he came in my mouth.

With exhaustion setting in, I cut our time short and headed home knowing that this wouldn't be the last time I saw him.

Not My Last Time Meeting Men For Sex

The day after my sexual extravaganza I realized that my meetings had produced some of the best sex I had ever had. This wasn't only because both men were interested in the same thing as me, but also because they were willing to put my pleasure first. Knowing that wasn't something I was likely to get with a guy at a bar, I decided I'd fulfill all my sexual desires by finding men online from then on. While I haven't met up with another man just yet, I do have a few dates set up for the next few weeks when I have down time. Fortunately they have both agreed to some of my more kinky requests--such as dressing up and letting me control them. One guy has even agreed to a foursome with two other women, which I'm incredibly excited about.

Never before had I been fucked like I had on this night, so I'll never go back to regular sex with guys I meet at a bar again. After all, why would I waste a free night on bad sex when I know I can find excellent sex with men I find online? Now I look forward to unleashing my sexuality and fantasies!

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